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What Is the Best Way to Treat Menstrual Cramps?

Women’s bodies react to their monthly period in different ways, but in general, many women suffer from menstrual cramps during “that time of the month.” For some, the cramping and general feeling of discomfort occurs before their period arrives. For others, it occurs during the period itself. Menstrual cramps vary in degree - some deliver only mild discomfort, while others involve excruciating pain. What is the best possible way to deal with this condition?

If you are not averse to taking painkillers, it might very well be the best course of action. Once you start feeling the cramping sensation, you can take some over-the-counter pills to deal with the pain. This may not totally get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies your monthly period, but at least, you will not be hindered by the pain. If the pain is too intense for you, a doctor can prescribe stronger painkillers.

If you consistently suffer from menstrual cramps, you ought to take a look at certain food items. For example, it has been recommended to lower the intake of fat, salt, and dairy products. It also helps to engage in a regular exercise. It does not have to be an intense regime - walking, jogging, or swimming several times a week can do wonders in reducing menstrual cramping when the time comes for your monthly period.

In most cases, menstrual cramps are not indicative of any other condition. However, it is not impossible that there might be a more serious underlying condition such as endometriosis. Just to be sure, you ought to check with your doctor.

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