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What Is the Black Card?

The Black Card is a type of credit card issued by Visa. This credit card is actually issued by Barclaycard and is run by Black Card LLC. It is commonly referred to as the Visa Black Card in order to avoid confusing it with another black card - the Centurion Card that is issued by American Express. The Black Card is only issued to a very small percentage of the population, making it highly desirable.

The Black Card got its name from its appearance. Unlike “normal” credit cards, the Black Card is made of graphite composite material and is entirely black. The effect is a classier and more distinguished look - one cannot help but think that it is something special; and special it is indeed. For starters, Black Card holders have to pay an annual fee of USD495. While this may not be as high as the USD2,500 annual fee charged for the Centurion Card, it still is a considerable amount.

Furthermore, every Black Card holder has his own concierge who takes care of every transaction or request. You might think that this is overdoing things, but it is not uncommon for the transactions that Black Card holders make to be in the five-figure range. Contrary to popular “opinion,” the Black Card does have a credit limit, the figure depending on the individual card holder. In general, these limits play around millions of dollars - practically limitless for the average person.

The Black Card also has other perks such as cash back promos, points systems, admission to exclusive establishments around the world, and so on.

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