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What Is a Blood Pressure Kit?

A blood pressure kit refers to medical equipment that patients can use to monitor their blood pressure at home, or at another location outside of the hospital. This equipment is housed in a portable container so that people who have blood pressure issues can conveniently measure their blood pressure whenever necessary.

There are various kinds of blood pressure kits. The most traditional kind - and perhaps the most commonly used one as well - is similar to the equipment used in hospitals and doctor’s clinics. This blood pressure kit is composed of an arm cuff, a pump, a stethoscope, and a gauge. The arm cuff is wrapped around the upper arm of the patient and air is pumped into it manually. The stethoscope can be used to listen to the pulse and when the air is released, the gauge will indicate the blood pressure. Taking one’s blood pressure in this manner requires that the person taking the measurement knows how to read the gauge in conjunction with the pulse heard on the stethoscope.

Another kind of blood pressure kit, which is becoming more popular, is the digital type. It is similar to the traditional type in that it also has an arm cuff. However, instead of an analog gauge, it has a digital display. When using this kit, one simply has to look at the digital screen to determine the blood pressure.

Blood pressure kits come in all forms and sizes. Some are quite affordable while the fancier ones can be rather expensive.

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