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What Is Bone Remodeling?

Bone remodeling could be thought of as the equivalent of a bone maintenance service performed by the person's body.

There are there cells which govern processes of bone remodeling. These are the osteoclasts, osteoblasts, and the osteocytes, there are in charge of bone re absorption, bone formation, and lastly monitor the amounts of stress and injury that bone under go and receive.

The process of bone remodeling is usually initiated by the osteocytes which will identify the disturbance to the bone, next the osteoclasts will begin re absorbing the calcium contained in the damaged bone cells, last but not the least the osteoblasts will then begin the formation of the new and remodeled bone. For adults bone remodeling usually occurs at a rate of 10 percent per, unhindered this will ensure that normal body mass is maintained by the person.

Some hormones also play a hand in stimulating and encouraging the faster and more robust remodeling of human bones. These hormones mainly being the growth hormones, which will cause more osteocytes to be produced which then in turn will release enzymes able to dissolve bone structures. These enzymes will create pits on the bone surface as they breakdown portions of its structure. The growth hormones are also able to stimulate the osteoblasts into greater actions of filling up the cavities made the enzymes. As this process is repeated the layers of compact bone will thicken and the osteoblasts will begin to include calcium and phosphorus in the remolding, this inclusion is referred to as mineralization.

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