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What Is a Bone Screw?

A bone screw is a tool that is used to fasten bone fragments together. It is necessary to use a bone screw to ensure that the broken bones do not move so that they can heal properly. A bone screw can be made of various materials – the main thing is that the material is non-reactive. Usually titanium or steel is used for bone screws.

When a person suffers from a bone injury, it may be necessary to fuse bones together with a bone screw. The need for a bone screw depends on the degree of the injury. Before a bone screw is insert, anesthesia is administered. Usually, only local anesthesia is used. The surgeon then cuts through skin and muscle to get to the fractures bone. The bone is then put back in the proper place, ready for the bone screw. To place a bone screw, a drill is used to create a hole across the fracture. The bone screw is then placed in the hole. A bone screw can be placed temporarily or permanently.

Just like screws that are used for home repair, bone screws come in all shapes and sizes. As you can imagine, we have hundreds of bones in our bodies and they have different shapes and sizes as well. More so, the nature and severity of bone fractures dictate the use of various kinds of screws.

In the past, titanium was the material of choice for bone screws. Usually, though, this kind of bone screw has to be removed once the bone heals. Recently, bone screws made of other material are being used. This material allows the screw to be left in the bone for the patient’s lifetime.

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