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What Is a Boutique Law Firm?

Lawyers and law firms typically have an area of law they specialize in. A law firm that fits this description and is formed by a limited partnership or corporation is called a boutique law firm. The size of a boutique law firm is not necessarily defined by the number of lawyers it has. This type of law firm is defined by its ability to provide services in an area of law that they specialize in, that they guarantee to be the best in.

A boutique law firm may be local or international. Its scope may be broad in the sense that a boutique law firm handles cases that involve insurance, or it can be a specialized area of insurance. However, the services provided by the boutique law firm are considerably more expensive than that of a regular law firm since the former already has the experience and know-how to handle cases that fall under its specialization. Thus, an individual who solicits legal counsel from a boutique law firm does so because of the experience the lawyers may have in handling cases of the same nature.

Each boutique law firm offers specialization in an area of law as well as a specific legal proceeding. Some of these law firms may have vast experience with criminal cases while others merely prosecute minor offenses. Other boutique law firms may provide specialized service in the writing of a will or jury selection for a court trial. These services are rendered by individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the field they work in.

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