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What Is the Breast Bone?

The breast bone, technical known as the sternum,a a flat and long bone located in the central chest area. Cartilage, a type of connective tissue, is used to connect the breast bone to the tips of the rib bones, thus forming a solid shield of sorts to protect the heart and central area of the lunges from direct physical trauma. Because of human nature and the location injury to the breast bone is, while not unheard of, very uncommon.

Whenever it is necessary to carry out surgery or other operations in the rib cage the breast bone gets in the way of surgeons, they deal with this problem by cutting open the breast bone via the procedure called sternotomy. Any kind of surgery in the chest area is referred to as thoracic surgery, if it is necessary for the breast bone to be cut for the thoracic surgery to proceed then it is then called cardiothoracic surgery.

In the event where a major accident occurs, such as a auto mobile accident or a hard collision while playing high-impact sports, a the chest area sustains a great impact then consultation with a professional medical practitioner must immediately be sought. Thees medical professionals wioll most likely recommend some x-rays of the chest area, to check to fractures to the ribs or sternum, along with other tests to make sure that none of the organs suffered any major injury. If none of the organs were injured, then all should become well, even if the sternum or ribs are fracture they should still be able to heal and recover. With proper treatment regular bodily functions will be restored.

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