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What Is a Bully?

A bully is typically unkind and inflicts both emotional and physical pain on selected victims. A bully can be found in almost any social situation, such as schools, in the workplace, the internet and even countries threatening each other with their militaries and politics.

A bully typically picks on a victim assumed to be weak or different. In schools, bullies pick on younger children and often children of another race, with disabilities, are emotionally weak or who dress differently. Most often, a bully could have been a victim of bullying before. The family background also influences bullying as a child from an unstable home can become frustrated and aggressive.

Intervention is necessary for both the victim and the bully. The victim often suffers from emotional distress, social withdrawal and even physical injuries. All these factors need to be attended to. Whilst trying to find a long term solution, for the short term, the victim should make efforts to avoid the bully, walk in a group with others, and not engaging with the bully once confronted. Bullies find satisfaction in humiliating their victims, causing fear and emotional expression, so the victim should work on becoming emotionally stronger. A victim should be able to report any bullying incidences especially through the school or the workplace. Even websites allow victims to report and ban any cyber bullies.

The bully also needs intervention because bullying leads to other anti social behaviors. The home situation needs to be assessed along with other underlying factors that may influence the bullying tendencies.

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