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What Is Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer’s remorse refers to the situation wherein a person experiences a feeling of regret after making a particularly large purchase. It may be that the person is very excited about the prospect of making that purchase and can hardly wait to do so. At the moment of purchase, the person is still experiencing positive feelings. However, sometime after the transaction has been made, the person may suddenly realize that he might have been better off not making the purchase at all. This feeling is called buyer’s remorse.

The term can be used to refer to many different circumstances. It can also stem from various reasons. For example, a person may have been very excited about buying a sports car. He is able to arrange financing and the purchase goes through. Once the papers have been signed, and reality has sunk in, it may be that the person realizes that he may not have the means to make the huge monthly payments and continue his current lifestyle as well. Buyer’s remorse in this sense takes on the form of prolonged anxiety.

Another situation wherein buyer’s remorse can set in is if the person worries over the fact that he might have gotten a better deal. One classic example is in buying electronics. The developments in this industry are so fast that it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. For example, if a person buys the newest and fastest laptop and then hears rumors that a new - and better - line will be released within a month, he might experience buyer’s remorse. He might think that he should have waited till the next series is released.

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