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What Is the Calcarine?

Found on the surface of the brain’s anterior portion and sometimes referred to as the calcarine fissure. This portion of the brain controls a persons seeing ability and seeing processes.

The occipital pole is located, incidentally, besides a junction point for to blood vessels. The calcarine fissure is a portion of the brain that is adjacent to the occipital pole. Then it is connected to the ventral side of the corpus callosum’s splenium. Lastly it is also connected to the parieto occipital sulcus. Qhwn viewing diagrams of the brain, the calcarine fissure may appear to seam like a high way into the bowels of the brain, but this is only up to appearance since the calcarine fissure doesn’t extend up to the other side of the brain.

Because of the important seeing functions and processes carried out by the calcarine fissure and its neighbors injury to this portion of the brain may lead to blindness, though it is usually not as severe as that. Most people with injuries to the calcarine fissure may experience lack of depth perception and blurring of vision. Because of its ventral positioning damage to this area due to pysical force is rare. Although injury does occur when in a car accident, falling from heights, or from forms of chemical poisoning.

Like the majority of human knowledge many aspects of the calcarine fissure and it surrounding are still mysterious to human science, as well as other portions of the brain. As research in various area continue to progress, along side the research for the calcarine fissure, scientists have been able to learn much more about the reasons for some eye problems and failures.

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