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What Is a Call Center?

Call centers are becoming a popular solution for many companies. A call center is an office that is contracted by a company to receive its inbound calls and where outbound calls to clients and other stakeholders are made.

Typically, call centers are large offices that are manned with representatives who make and receive phone calls. Different call centers will have different setups. These offices could be manned by a few people to hundreds of staff that service many companies.

There are call centers that concentrate on getting inbound calls. For example, banks who post a toll-free number for customer assistance will hire a call center to answer these client calls. The staff will be trained to answer the needs of clients and give the information that they need. Then there are call centers that only service outbound calls. An example of this is a survey company that hires a call center to make phone calls to people to ask them to participate in the survey they are conducting.

Call centers are being used by a growing number of companies because of the advantages of using their services. The centralized telephone-based service and support that is located in one specific area allows companies to make on-the-fly adjustments to staffing in order to match the volume of calls it receives or sends. For example, during peak seasons, the company can ask the call center to put more people to service the company’s needs and then reduce that staff during the lean season. Call centers are also more affordable when compared to creating an in-house department to fulfill the same tasks.

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