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What Is Cancellous Bone?

The cancellous bone is a layer of bone cells, in between the compact bone and bone marrow. The purpose of the cancellous bone is to protect the bone marrow.

Cancellous bone can often be found at the ends of rounded bones, such as on the leg and arm bones. Even if the cancellous bone is not as strong as the compact bone it it makes up for this with its suppleness. Because of its position, at the edges of the bone, it often has to interact with another bone so instead of being as hard and strong as the compact bone the cancellous bone remains flexible so that it may accommodate shifts in it neighboring bones instead of directly opposing them.

A bone disease called osteoporosis is where the density of bones in a person’s body decreases. For the cancellous bone the manifestation of osteoporosis is in reduced amount of cells leading to fractures or broken bone. This could be extremely dangerous for especially because cancellous bones make up a good deal of a person’s spine and pelvis. Bleeding or improper blood clotting may occur due to a broken pelvis, while paralysis may very likely occur in the event of a broken spine.

Other conditions that may adversely affect the cancellous bone are; insufficiency of necessary hormones after hysterectomy or menopause, malnutrition reduces the nutrients the go into restoring damaged bones and at worse may cause an increased rate of calcium depletion, brittle bone syndrome which will affect not only the cancellous bone but also the compact bone.

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