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What Is a Capital Offense?

A capital offense is an illegal act that is punishable by death, otherwise known as a capital punishment. The exact conditions for an offense to be considered a capital offense vary across states and countries, but all capital offenses are distinguished by capital punishment as its penalty. Themost common causes for an offense to be labeled as capital is murder, multiple murders, rape, treason, and drug trafficking. Persons accused and convicted of a capital offense must face capital punishment and are given no opportunity to post bail at any given time during the court case.

The issue of a capital crime or offense varies depending on the context, and it is due to the extent to which the society or culture in question punishes its criminals. Capital offense is also reflective of a state or country’s priorities in terms of criminal punishment as some choose not to consider a certain crime as a capital offense while the other does. The state or country must consider the crime to be absolutely serious and grave to deem its punishment to be death.

Many sectors in society continue to argue against capital offense as ending with a capital punishment. The arguments against death as an appropriate sentence for those convicted of a capital crime are loosely based on the natural law, that human beings have no right to deprive other human beings of life. Other arguments for the abolition of capital crime and punishment involve the condemnation of using violence to solve violence.

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