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What Is a Cat Burglar?

There are many thieves nowadays, especially during special holidays like Christmas. These stealthy thieves are called cat burglars. Cats are quiet and sneaky while hunting for their prey, attacking without any signal. For this reason are they called cat burglars, because they steal possessions from homes, buildings, churches, and schools before the owners know what has happened.

Breaking and entering through open doors or windows is normally the first step in stealing. Cat burglars may enter any private or commercial property without authorization from the owner, with the intention of stealing and vandalizing.

However, if person is not exactly the one who steals but he is part of helping with the plan, the person is still considered a thief. For example, the lookout outside a building who watches to see if there is someone coming, is still part of the plan so he is still called a thief, but not exactly a cat burglar. Even people performing acts of vandalism are considered cat burglars. The vandalism can lead to violence, or even rape.

For those who are comic fanatics, Cat Woman is a good example of a cat burglar. She steals jewelries from those who are more fortunate than herself, to stay alive in Gotham City. She sometimes shares her bounty with those who are less fortunate. She is somewhat similar to the character of Robin Hood.

In the United States, there is what is called the Three Strikes law, or often referred to as the Habitual Crime Statute. This law states that if a person is caught doing crime by the government three times, he will be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

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