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What Is a Cease and Desist Letter?

A cease and desist letter is primarily meant for refraining, stopping or demanding a certain person from behaving in a specific manner. If the recipient of the said letter fails to comply with the order, he or she could face legal action.

There are numerous behaviors that lead to writing such kind of letter. These behaviors tend to show foul and disrespectful attitude toward others. Examples of behaviors are harassment through telephone done by an agency, stalking, disputes over a property, among neighborhoods and specific areas, infringement of all kinds such as on patent, copyright and trademark.

In a cease and desist letter concerning harassment or stalking, usually the letter demands that the accused should stop his or her rude behavior and be put into legal action. On the other hand, letters concerning conflicts and disputes would demand the neighbor who is the recipient of the letter to avoid or rather stop such undesirable behavior. Disputes among neighborhoods can happen when other neighbors get disturb by loud parties late at night organized by another neighbor or even by a simple loud barking of a dog all day long.

A cease and desist letter on infringement serves as a threat to the recipient in a form of civil lawsuit if ever this accused individual still continues with his or her disrespectful action. This explains that contents of this kind of letter may vary depending on the violation done or on the undesirable activity involved. Punishments would vary as well depending on the decision of the court taking into consideration the effects of the undesirable behavior to the people around and even the environment as well.

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