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What Is a Cease and Desist Order?

A cease and desist order is a request given to an individual, party or even an organization to stop a certain behavior. It is also an order given to stop an individual or group even from just engaging in a particular activity. This is also called as “C&D” and this order is most of the time given due to harmful actions done by one person toward another.

It is important to remember that a cease and desist order is stated and given through a cease and desist letter. When one fails to follow this order, he or she would have to face certain legal penalties. Also, a cease and desist order could only be issued by a judge or by someone in authority such as a government official.

A judge issues such kind of order for the purpose of putting an end to an illegal activity and behavior. This is most often issued after a trial and is sometimes considered as a form of punishment depending on the result of the case. This is as well used to prevent harm that was foreseen and it usually takes a specific period for the person who received the order to request for a hearing.

Meanwhile, a government authority also has the capacity to issue a cease and desist order. This is often issued to securities that exemplify fraud and dishonest banking practices that adversely affect people and other institutions. A cease and desist order may deprive a person of his or her usual activities or interests. But more importantly, this is not given for no reason as it aims to provide a good outcome that will benefit all the people involved.

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