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What Is a Charcoal Biscuit?

A charcoal biscuit is literally a biscuit that has a base of willow charcoal or activated carbon. It is made just like any other biscuit - with flour, eggs, and butter - but charcoal biscuits are meant for medicinal purposes. The thought of eating charcoal may not be attractive to most, but the charcoal used for these biscuits are of edible grade, and are quite effective in alleviating stomach pain and flatulence. Charcoal biscuits are also said to help with heartburn.

Charcoal that is of edible grade has to be approved by the United States Pharmacopoeia before it can be used for charcoal biscuits. This kind of charcoal is of very high quality that you will not even taste or smell it. However, since it is still black, you will definitely see its effects when you move your bowels.

Edible grade charcoal is called activated charcoal. It is oxidized at high temperatures, which results in improving the absorption powers of the charcoal. This is the main reason charcoal biscuits are used for stomach problems. The active ingredient is said to absorb the gas in the stomach, as well as the intestines. In doing so, the charcoal biscuits relieve the symptoms of flatulence.

Charcoal biscuits have been used since the early 19th century, although their use is not as prevalent these days. Still, you can easily buy charcoal biscuits today. There are even charcoal biscuits made for dogs! These charcoal biscuits are meant to help with flatulence and doggie breath. Needless to say, charcoal biscuits for humans and dogs should not be interchanged.

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