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What Is a Chat Room?

Chat rooms are virtual rooms that make it easy for people to communicate in the internet. Chat rooms are considered designated virtual rooms where people who enjoy the same pursuits or have the same interests get to meet each other and chat. Online conversations that happen in chat rooms occur in real time. Simply typing on the keyboard allows the user to chat with someone wherever they are in the world.

Chat rooms have become quite ubiquitous nowadays. Most internet service providers have their own chat rooms. Inside these chat rooms, different sections have been divided for different types of topics or interests. The big chat rooms have such an expansive list of sections that practically every type of interest or topic is represented, even those that are obscure.

Chat rooms are managed by a moderator whose function is to monitor the content and the conversations and stop any kind of abuse of the chat room. Moderators have a specific function in a chat room but there are people who see their existence as an infringement on privacy and free speech. This is because a moderator has the power to shut down conversations that are seen as inflammatory or against the rules of the chat room.

Because of the anonymity that chat rooms give to its users, it has also been subject to abuse by unscrupulous people. This is most evident in widely publicized incidents of predators patrolling chat rooms for children and teens in the hope of luring them. Parents are now being made aware of the dangers of chat rooms to children.

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