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What Is a Child Custody Lawyer?

A child custody lawyer is an attorney who specializes on children. Most of the time, this kind of attorney handles cases related to separation specifically divorce where parents are deciding on the custody of their children.

Also, in some instances where unmarried parents are trying to fight for custody of their child, the child custody lawyer plays an important role in determining where the child should live. He or she is responsible in deciding whether the custody granted to a parent is sole or shared. By sole custody, the child stays most of the time with just one parent while under shared custody, both parents have equal custody of their child depending on what they agreed upon or on the court’s decision.

Another duty of a child custody lawyer is to help the parents come up with a decision on how they would support their children. An agreement has to be reached that would clearly state which parent should pay and provide for the basic needs of the child.

The child custody lawyer is a big help on a child’s life especially those experiencing troubles within their family. This lawyer could solve the issues regarding separation and other problems and at the same time be able to give all of the moral support for the child. Children going through stressful situations such as a custody battle need all the love and care and a child custody lawyer can greatly help in this aspect by easing their fears and explaining the process to the children in a way they will understand.

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