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What Is Child Custody Mediation?

Child custody mediation aims to resolve misunderstandings and disagreements related to a child’s custody. This is where the role of a mediator proves important.

A mediator is considered a neutral party who serves as a bridge between the parents of a child who may not be in good terms. This person is the one who encourages the two parties to reach an agreement on certain aspects of raising their children specifically regarding custody and visitation. A mediator is important in that he or she helps in deciding what’s best for the child and for the parents as well.

In mediating for child custody, there are certain procedures that have to be taken into consideration. The parties involved are encouraged to first seek legal advice from an attorney. Custody proposals from both parents are then written always taking into consideration special events in the child’s life. These are his or her birthday and holidays. Other records concerning the child should as well be filed and gathered.

After all the requirements are accomplished, mediation can then commence. Parents or the parties involved should maintain an open mind and as much as possible should focus on what would benefit the child most.

The mediation process involves certain procedures as well. It usually starts with an initial meeting of the parents with the mediator who would identify the existing issues and problems giving each party the opportunity to defend his or her side. What follows is the discussion of appropriate solutions during which both parties are encouraged to listen to and respect each other. The final stage is the making of decision on which parent should the child stay and the type of custody. Both parents then should reach an agreement regarding limitations and restrictions to the custody issue.

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