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What Is a Class C Felony?

Crimes exist under categories based on the severity of the offense committed. When classifying a criminal offense, the legal system may categorize the offense as a less serious offense, more commonly known as a misdemeanor, or a felony, which is a more severe criminal offense committed by an individual. Felonies also have sub-categorizations, which depend upon the jurisdiction wherein the crime was committed. A class C felony is one such type of sub-category of felonies.

Because different regions or jurisdictions classify felonies or crimes in general according to their own system, some may classify a class C felony as a class B or D felony in other states, or such states would make use of numbers rather than letters to classify felonies. However, a class C felony is typically one that involves the possibility of imprisonment for one to five years, as well as a penalty of no more than $10,000 dollars. In the US system of classifying felonies, a class C felony is less severe than a class B felony, but more severe than a class D felony. Thus, the hierarchy of felonies indicates that the lower the letter, the less severe the felony committed is.

A person accused of having committed a class C felony may have committed arson, kidnapping, drunk driving, or sexual assault. These are merely some of the crimes classified as class C felonies. Each type of felony carries with it its own guidelines for conviction and sentencing. It is necessary that the appropriate type of felony be used when providing sentencing or accusation charges.


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