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What Is Claustrophobia ?

Claustrophobia, which is derived from the Latin term claustrum meaning "a shut in place" is an abnormal fear of having no escape, being closed in, disconnected from the world.

Claustrophobic patients dread closed and confined spaces like elevators, closed rooms etc. It is a type of mental disorder and is usually categorized under anxiety disorder. This disease is not uncommon and affects a good protion of population around the world.

The causes of claustrophobia is still open to discussion and medical researchers have different views on the topic.

The major symptoms of this disease is a feeling of anxiety or panic when trapped in confined spaces. Also if you constantly have a fear of suffocation then you could well be claustrophobic.

The 3 main treatments for this disease are Cognitive therapy, In vivo exposure and Interoceptive exposure.

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