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What Is Cod Liver Oil?

Cod liver oil is a supplement that is extracted from the liver of cod fish. This oil is made by steaming the liver of the cod fish and then pressing the steamed liver. An oil is released when the liver is pressed, and this is what is used as cod liver oil. You will find cod liver oil being sold today in liquid form or capsule form.

Cod liver oil is used for a variety of health purposes, but it has gained notoriety for its awful taste. However, there are many kinds of cod liver oil being sold in the market today, and you can find oils that only have a very mild flavor. The mildest cod liver oils will actually only have a slight fishy taste, but there are cod liver oils that have very intense flavors that most people cannot stand.

Traditionally, cod liver oil was made by gathering the livers of cod fish. The livers were then placed in a wooden barrel filled with seawater. This mixture was left for about a year for fermentation to take place. The oil that resulted from the fermentation was then removed and used as cod liver oil. Today, though, cod fish liver and other fatty parts are cooked to extract the oil.

Cod liver oil contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D. As such, it brings about a lot of benefits. Cod liver oil is used to treat symptoms associated with arthritis. Painful and stiff joints can be dealt with by cod liver oil. More so, clinical studies have shown that cod liver oil offers benefits for those who have heart problems.

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