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What Is Coercion?

There are many corrupt practices that exist within the social, political, and economic arenas. Such practices exist in order to influence another for social, political, or economic gain. One of the many practices that exist involves forcing an individual to do something or refrain from doing something upon the behest of another. This instance is referred to as coercion.

Coercion can involve the use of physical or psychological force in order to influence the behavior of another individual. Aside from the actual physical or psychological force used, any implication or threat of such force is considered as coercion. This force can be in the form of physical abuse, intimidation, or some mental or physical trickery. This display of force is used as leverage against an individual in order to force him or her to act in the manner that the instigator wishes.

The purpose of using coercion may vary; some intentions are absolutely selfish while others are altruistic. Predatory behavior is the use of coercion due to selfish intentions or motivations. The purpose of using coercion according to this behavior is to favor one’s own personal interests. The altruistic use of coercion is towards the aim of pedagogic and thought. This extreme of predatory behavior coerces others in the form of thought or pedagogy. Those displaying this type of coercion do so by convincing an individual that his thoughts or pedagogy are in line with the party coercing. Ideological coercion is used to change the philosophies an individual might hold. Other forms of coercion exist depending on the intent of the party coercing.

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