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What Is Collagen?

Collagen is made up of a group of proteins. Connective human tissue is mostly made from collagen, meaning that on average, protein content from collagen alone in the body can range from about 25% to 35%, making it the most abundant protein in the body. Over 25 types of collagens exist in the body. They are different as they have various functions, their fibrous nature allows collagens to support and connect the other body tissues. These tissues include internal organs, muscles, cartilage, bone, the skin and even teeth. Collagen is definitely the glue that holds the body together, any weakening or absence of collagen would cause the body to fall apart. Extracted collagen from boiled horse sinews and skin creates glue.

Unlike other proteins, collagen is found outside and inside cells. In combination with elastin, collagen contributes to the external structure of cells. This combination provides body tissue with flexibility, firmness and strength as seen in the bones, blood vessels, tendons and lungs. In the skin, collagen works in combination with keratin.

Collagen deficiencies or decrease cause disease such as brittle bone disease. Decreased levels of collagen occur with old age. Collagen decrease in the skin leads to wrinkles. Cosmetic procedures utilize collagen and it is also given as a supplement for joint mobility. Synthetic skin substitutes made from collagen are often used to treat and manage serious burns on the skin. Most medical collagen is created from that of young beef or pigs, or from the patient’s own tissues, especially fat tissues.

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