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What Is a Colonic?

A colonic is a more common term for a colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. A colonic is considered a part of an alternative medicine treatment. The whole process involves flushing the colon using warm, filtered water. The colonic’s aim is to flush out the waste that is supposed to build up in the digestive system. Alternative medicine practitioners believe that this buildup is harmful to the body and can negatively affect a person’s health. Many patients and those who have made colonics part of their health routine claim that they have become healthier and that they are less likely to develop digestive problems.

Based on the teachings of alternative medicine experts, fecal matter gradually builds up inside the colon. This buildup will ultimately affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients in digested food. The inefficiency of the colon is seen as a likely cause of health problems in the long term. The remedy for this is to remove the buildup of waste along the length of the colon. The process of colonics is done by a colon hydrotherapist. This professional will insert a sterile, single use speculum that has a long tube attached to it. The tube will be used to administer doses of warm water that help loosen waste attached to the colon. After the session, the patient is allowed to use a toilet and get dressed.

Doctors trained in conventional medicine discourage people from undergoing colonics to address any kind of medical need or condition. But enemas to clean the lower colon are deemed acceptable in certain cases. Even alternative medicine doctors give contraindications to colonics. People who suffer from intestinal-related ailments like Crohn’s Disease or hemorrhoids are discouraged from taking this treatment. Pregnant women are also urged not to undergo colonics.

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