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What Is Commercial Litigation?

Law involves a wide breadth of areas and specializations. Each field of law caters to a specific issue or matter. One such area refers to commercial litigation wherein the issue or matter involved refers to that of businesses or corporations. This area of law often deals with disputes relating to business practices, breach of contract, and financial matters. An attorney-at-law who specializes in commercial litigation is called a business lawyer.

Commercial litigation does not always involve court trials. Most of the cases involved in this area of the law usually mean settling disputes before going to trial. Issues such as mergers and acquisitions are the most common within commercial litigation. In the case of a merger or an acquisition of another business or company, commercial litigation may involve reviewing and evaluating the status of the business that is to be acquired. This can involve reviewing existing contracts and ensuring that all the legal processes and rules are respected. Aside from actually reviewing the company to be acquired, commercial litigation also involves drafting contracts of the merger or acquisition.

Because of the many areas of law, some areas may overlap. In the process of undergoing commercial litigation, one may also have to address insurance litigation or contract litigation. Many aspects of other legal fields are involved in commercial litigation. One of the most important is contract law, which is absolutely crucial in formalizing agreements between those in the business and those with other businesses. Commercial litigation also covers matters regarding franchise, shareholders, debt, and dissolutions.

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