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What Is a Common Law Divorce?

Common law divorce is only possible when a couple is in a common law relationship. By common law marriage, it means two people live together under one roof and are also considered to be married in a legal way. In the U.S., only 11 states recognize this relationship.

In technical terms, a common law divorce does not exist. This means that couples in a common law marriage who decide to end their relationship should go through the normal divorce proceedings. This can take place after exerting efforts to save their marriage but still failed.

While it is true that to get married is a lifetime responsibility but sometimes couples have their own differences that can’t seem to reconcile. What happens then is they opt for divorce as the most proper solution to end their troubles.

Those couples that seek a common law divorce should at first be recognized by the place where they live in. The government of the area where the couple was married also has to have a say in the divorce process.

It is also very important for couples to prove to the court that they were indeed married such as showing proof of their legal age. And when it comes to the common law divorce, the couple can decide to make the process simple by cooperating in negotiations such as pertaining to division of properties without having to take their case to the court. Mediators could also be of help to the couple to guide them on what’s the best solution to their issues.

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