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What Is a Concurrent Sentence?

Concurrent Sentence is given to a defendant who is convicted of a number of criminal offences. This kind of sentence could at the same time be able to lessen the length of imprisonment that was given to a convicted person. An example of this is when a person is guilty of a crime that has a punishment of five years imprisonment and another crime for four years. But with a concurrent sentence, the jail term can last for only five years instead of the total 11 years. A concurrent sentence being an important part of different law related procedures has also a certain process that should be taken into consideration and should honestly be followed for ensuring its validity.

In some areas, only the law could grant a concurrent sentence, while in other areas, this depends on the judge’s decision. A judge plays a vital role in the implementation and decision of a concurrent sentence because he or she has the power to do different things related to it. For instance, the judge could cease a sentence and make the jail term longer until he or she sees that the convicted person abides by the responsibilities and obligations given to him or her.

A judge, being in authority, could as well decide to hand down a concurrent sentence for any criminal case. There are also some instances that judges may feel compassion that causes them to file this kind of sentence. This goes to show that most of the time, the final decision would come from the judge. However, not every convicted person is given the opportunity to be granted a concurrent sentence. Only those deserving and who shows an improvement in themselves have a chance to avail of this.

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