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What Is a Confession of Judgment?

Confession of judgment is used as a legal term with two different meanings. This may either refer to the one used in contract law or used by the U.S Solicitor General.

Confession of judgment or sometimes referred to as cognovits notes is used in contract law which is permitted in states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is a type of contract to which parties involved agree to go against each other considering the cases and judgments filed by each party. These contracts may sometimes be controversial to the point that the courts would decide to invalidate them and charge the contract as a violation of the due process.

On the other hand, confession of judgment could as well be used by the U.S Solicitor General which is also the other meaning of such term. The United States Solicitor General has the responsibility and duty to represent the federal government and defend it to the Supreme Court. Through confession of judgment, the solicitor general is able to position or be side taken by the federal government if a certain case is wrong, resulting in its invalidation or dropping of the case.

The Supreme Court takes into account two ways in reversing the lower court’s decision on a particular case in which the federal government is considered a party. These two ways are the reversal from the Supreme Court itself and by confession of judgment done by the Solicitor General to end a judgment that he or she sees unjust and wrong.

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