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What Is a Contractor's License?

A license is a way of showing accreditation and that a person knows and had training to do the skills on which he was licensed. A contractor’s license is the same, it proves that the contractor is accredited and has the proper knowledge and skills to perform the job of a contractor.

The licensing requirements for a particular profession, including those of a contractor, are usually similar for many states. But usually, the building laws will be different for each state. Because of this, a contractor who has already acquired a license in one state will be required to go and get a license for another state and this will mean taking the same licensing examinations in order to get the new license.

A contractor’s license can be awarded for different skill sets. It can be a license for general construction, or he may get a license for specialized fields, like painting, plumbing, or in installing heating and cooling systems. The license is an assurance to the client that the contractor he has hired really knows what he’s doing and is aware of the state laws that will ensure he complies with the standards set by the state for construction.

Getting a contractor’s license may also need additional requirements. For example, a contractor’s license may only be given if the contractor has incorporated his business. The reason for this is to create protection for the contractor and also for his clients. Also, before one gets a license, the contractor must also be able to show that he has the proper amount of experience.

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