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What Is a Convalescent Home?

A convalescent home is an institution which serves as a temporary residence for those who are recovering from a medical procedure or an illness. Sometimes, the term convalescent home is used in lieu of nursing home or rest home. While they are similar in some respects, there is one main difference. Convalescent homes are normally meant for those who need close medical attention. In nursing homes, basic medical care may be provided, but the equipment may not be enough for the needs of those who will normally stay in a convalescent home.

In a convalescent home, the focus is on a high level of medical care plus the provision of support staff. When a person undergoes a major surgical procedure that requires a relatively long period of recovery coupled with post-operative medical attention, a convalescent home is the best choice. This avoids commutes from the house to the hospital.

Convalescent homes are also the perfect option for those who are terminally ill. Rather than staying at home alone or with family members and needing constant medical attention, they can stay in a convalescent home where medical equipment and professionals are always available.

It is easy to see how convenient convalescent homes can be. Having your loved one stay in a convalescent home can also give you piece of mind knowing that they are well taken care of. However, given the level of care provided in convalescent homes, it also means that you will have to pay higher fees as compared to nursing homes or rest homes.

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