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What Is a Convection Oven?

A convection oven is a type of oven that uses internal fans to circulate heated air inside the oven. Because of this, a convection oven produces more uniform heat. Even though it is more expensive than a standard oven, a convection oven is able to cook food faster and at a lower temperature. It also produces better results. The reason for this are the fans that ensure the same temperature is circulated at the top and bottom of foods – and this includes foods that are placed in different rack levels.

A convection oven prevents one thing that most cooks complain about with standard or radiant ovens. They say that standard ovens will often scorch the bottom of foods, while the tops will not brown evenly. The reason for this is the uneven temperatures inside the oven while food cooks. A convection oven’s fans will ensure that the variations are non-existent. This is taken a step further by European style convection ovens (oftentimes referred to as “true” ovens) by adding a third heating element inside. This allows the oven to blow air that is preheated to the right temperature, as opposed to just distributing air that’s already heated inside. These types of convection ovens are the most expensive.

There is a bit of an adjustment when cooking with convection ovens. Cooking with heated air will be faster because the temperature is efficiently transferred to both the food and the food containers. Because of this cooks will have to remember that food will be cooked 25 percent faster. Additionally, the temperature at which the food is cooked will have to be lowered a little.

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