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What Is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a creative person whose job is to think up and write the text for advertisements, brochures and other public relations collaterals. In advertising industry parlance, a script is refered to as copy. This is the reason why a person who writes scripts is called a copywriter.

A person who wants to become a copywriter should have a strong background in English. Journalism graduates are a prime candidate for this position. The job of a copywriter is quite demanding. They need to constantly grapple with tight deadlines, that’s why a copywriter should be able to think with a large degree of creativity and also be able to handle the tremendous stress of working on rush jobs and immediate deadlines. The job of the copywriter is to use language in order to describe and improve the image of a product or service. It is also the copywriter’s job to change the mood into something that will will make it conducive for consumers to take notice and to absorb the message. The copywriter usually works closely with both the client and other members of the agency’s creative team in order to think up of new ideas. The meetings and coordination will eventually result in a finished “product”.

The copywriter’s role is not only confined to thinking up of new content. But he also has other responsibilities like writing press releases for the client, generating stories that will be published in newspapers – it’s a lot of diverse responsibilities that need to be met.

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