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What Is Corporate Manslaughter?

Corporate manslaughter is a crime done unintentionally or accidentally by a corporation that resulted in the death of a person. Normally, corporations and companies are accused of committing this crime that led to the death of an individual or people.

The aim here is to point out the duties of a corporation or company which goes beyond just doing business and earning profits. It is to be understood that these groups are also obliged to take into consideration the safety and health of the people surrounding them whether it is their workers or customers or any other individual connected to the corporation. These companies should always prioritize their employees and even non-employees because they would be held accountable to anything that might happen to them. Carelessness could even cause the closure of such corporations.

Similar to any other manslaughter case, corporate manslaughter also goes through careful investigations using different evidences and witnesses to ensure that an honest and true result and decision would be made from the case. Once the corporation accused of such crime is convicted, the appropriate punishment is then handed down by the judge based on the evidences gathered and the testimonies of the witnesses. Punishment for this crime may include the simple paying of fines to the issuance of a court order for the closure of the corporation.

It is also very important to know that manslaughter is less serious compared to the crime of murder because of the absence of intention behind the action. This is the reason why the punishment is also lesser.

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