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What Is Cortical Bone?

The cortical bone is made up of compact bone. Compact bone accounts for approximately eighty percent of a human beings skeletal mass. Along the shaft of long bones, such as the legs and arms, and the outer layer of the spongy bone found at the edge of joints are made of cortical bone.

There are two types of bone tissue cancellous bone and cortical bone. When the two are directly compared it will be noted the cortical bone has a lower level of porosity, usually only at five or ten percent, this means that the cortical bone is much denser then the cancellous bone.

The periosteum is a membrane that covers the cortical bone. It is able to cover most bones in the human body while still being both dense and fibrous. Being on the outer most layer of bone tissue it is when tendons and muscles find connect themselves to bones. This membrane also houses the capillaries of the bone, which bring blood to and from the body and the bone marrow, though first passing through the cortical bone then the spongy bone.

Some cortical bone has lamented bone tissue while others cortical bone is woven. Lamented bone tissue is a strong, layered, and made of parallel fibers. Cortical bones which are woven have their fiber aligned randomly and is quickly formed, usually during the growing stages of bone development. As time passes it is common for lamented bone to replace the weaker woven bone tissue.

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