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What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a specialization in the field of medicine, which aims to restore, correct, or alter a physical feature. The goal in doing so is to make things more aesthetically appealing either for enhancement or for restoration. Cosmetic surgery is a rather broad field that covers an array of procedures.

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery was done for people who absolutely needed reconstruction because of a serious injury. For example, people who have had extremely bad burns underwent cosmetic surgery in order for the burn marks to be removed, either partially or fully. Another example is for people who have broken their nose or jaw. Birthmarks on the face were also traditionally removed with cosmetic surgery.

Today, however, cosmetic surgery has also become very popular for merely aesthetic means. We hear about breast augmentation, removal of wrinkles, nose lifts, and even chin reconstruction. These procedures fall under cosmetic surgery but they do not involve life threatening conditions. However, with the changing values in society, these procedures are perhaps even more popular than the traditional reasons for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can be done by a trained cosmetic surgeon. There is no shortage of these professionals anywhere in the world, but it is important that patients understand the risks involved in these procedures. Surgery is surgery - whether it is done for cosmetic purposes or otherwise. Proper health clearance must be acquired before you even consider undergoing any sort of cosmetic surgical procedure. You also must be aware that complications, side effects, and risks exist.

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