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What Is a Counter Offer?

Good negotiators always give the advice that one should not settle for the first price that is offered. Whether you are referring to a job offer, a piece of property that you are interested in buying, or a small item you are buying at a flea market or a bazaar, the concept of negotiating for a price that will satisfy both you and the seller is something worth looking at. A counter offer simply refers to the amount that one party brings to the table in response to the original amount.

A good example of a counter offer is when you apply for a job. Let’s say you have met all the requirements and you have passed all the tests and interviews. One of the last steps is for a human resources officer to give you a job offer. This includes offering you an amount for your salary. If the officer says $60,000 a year and you are looking for more, you can then make a counter offer of $70,000 a year. The officer may make another counter offer at $65,000, which you may then agree to.

Another example of counter offers in action is when you go shopping at a flea market. Everyone knows that you are not supposed to pay for the asking price of items at flea markets. Haggling is the norm! The act of offering the price that you are willing to pay for is making a counter offer.

Naturally, counter offers may not apply in some cases, such as if you go to the department store or supermarket. In these scenarios, the prices are set and counter offers have no place.

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