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What Is a Court Summons?

There exist different types of legal documents used by various officers of a court of law. Some of these legal documents may be addressed to the litigants of a case. A court issued document may be addressed to a defendant in a court case in order to inform him or her that litigation on his or her behalf has begun. This also informs him or her that his or her presence in court is necessary. Such a court document is referred to as a court summons.

A court summons is a legal document that “summons” a person to a court of law for the purposes of addressing in person the grievances or accusations brought against him or her. This type of issued document alerts a person whenever a legal proceeding has begun that involves him or her, thus giving him or her the opportunity to address whatever disputes or issues he or she has with the plaintiff or prosecutor.

Upon receipt of the court summons, the defendant can find all the pertinent information relating to the litigation process he or she is involved in. The names of the involved parties are provided for in the court summons, including the name of the court where the case is to be tried. The court summons also includes the case or file number. In the event that there are more than 1 defendant is involved in a litigation proceeding, all the names of the defendants involved will be listed down. There is no specific language or format used for a court summons, but the general information aforementioned is always provided for.


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