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What Is Crime Scene Tape?

The location where an illegal act transpired or left evidence is called a crime scene. The premises are secured by the police in order for crime scene investigators to collect important physical evidence. This area is secured by a kind of tape that denies unauthorized people access to the area. This type of tape is referred to as crime scene tape.

Crime scene tapes are carried by most law enforcement agents. Crime scene tapes are also known as barrier tapes, and are usually carried in kits available to law enforcement agencies and their officers. These kits are only supplied by professional manufacturers and available only to recognized law enforcement agencies.

The purpose of the crime scene tape is to secure the area. If the location is not secured, the evidence may be tampered with and contaminated, making it difficult to ascertain the events that transpired within the premises. Securing the location involves taping off the premises from everyone except the crime scene investigators and the forensic scientists.

A crime scene can be classified according to where most of the illegal act was committed as primary, secondary, tertiary, and so forth. Thus, many crime scenes can come from a single crime. However, it is important to maintain the same kind of security in all crime scenes so as to find relevant trace evidence. Every crime scene undergoes an intense inspection after being taped and details are recorded before any kind of evidence is moved or brought back to the laboratory for analysis.

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