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What Is a Criminal Calendar?

When a criminal case is set to undergo a court trial, it is recorded into a criminal calendar. This calendar provides all the necessary information as to when criminal cases are to be heard in the court they are under. Such calendars are constantly under revision because of the number of criminal cases that can instantaneously appear or disappear due to a number of circumstances. Thus, the criminal calendar is only released a few days before the court is in session.

The criminal calendar is published and is accessible to the general public. It can be viewed online or within the premises of the court. Parties involved in a criminal court case also receive notices as to when their case is scheduled on the criminal calendar.

A typical criminal calendar contains several details regarding a scheduled criminal case. for example, on a single day of court session, all the criminal cases to be heard are listed along with the court it is to be heard in, the location of the court, the date it is to be heard, and the time allotted to the case. An entry in the criminal calendar can provide even more specific information regarding a criminal case. Such an entry involves the listing of the litigants involved as well as the cause of action or a concise description of why the criminal case is scheduled in the calendar.

The criminal calendar also specifies what type of legal proceedings is to be held, whether it is an arraignment, a pre-trial, or an actual trial. Criminal calendars also reflect any changes that are made with regards to scheduling.

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