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What Is Criminal Defense?

A person arrested or charged with an offense, whether minor or major, may have need for a criminal defense in order to protect his or her rights from being violated and to ensure that the defendant is indeed guilty of the charges brought against him or her.

A criminal defense was established to protect a person’s rights as well as to prevent any wrongful convictions or punishments. It is the purpose of a criminal defense to negate any of the charges brought against the defendant if the defendant pleads innocent, or to provide a fair settlement if the defendant pleads guilty.

A defense lawyer represents your criminal defense during court trial. Aside from court representation, a defense lawyer must review all the pertinent facts of the case in order to prepare a suitable criminal defense on the defendant’s behalf. The goal of a defense lawyer is to prove innocence or to create reasonable doubt if the defendant pleads innocent to the charges brought against him or her.

A criminal defense is not limited to the actual court trial but may extend to an appeal if the defendant wishes to appeal the case if no acquittal was given. The appeal may be to seek acquittal if the defendant perseveres an innocent position, or it may seek to lessen the severity of the sentencing.
A criminal defense is the right of every accused person. If the defendant cannot provide a criminal defense for himself or herself, the court will appoint one. This type of defense lawyer is referred to as a public defender.

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