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What Is Criminal Justice?

Many types of offenses are committed against the law. Most of these offenses are classified generally into civil or criminal offenses. When laws are applied in order to deal with such offenses, it is considered an application of justice. Thus, criminal justice is considered to be the application of laws to criminal offenses.

Many types of people are involved in dispensing criminal justice. A judge or jury is involved in the resolution process wherein they must listen to the arguments, evidence, and testimonies presented to them before a court of law. Lawyers can either defend or prosecute criminals within a court of law. Other court officials including court reporters are involved in the recording and describing of the process of criminal justice.

Criminal justice is an important legal concept, most especially since it uses the word justice, because it refers to the impartial and fair dispensation of punishment to those accused or acquittal to those innocent. The importance of criminal justice does not just lie on the idea of punishment, but the actual just retribution given to victims of crimes. Criminal justice is the most important objective when dealing with criminal cases. It is always important to aim for a fair trial and sentencing.

Training and certification is given to those who undertake the study of criminal justice. Such studies may include forensic investigation, criminal profiling, and criminal psychology. Such training is often given to law enforcement officers. On the other hand, criminal justice is a specialization that lawyers may opt to take after law school.

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