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What Is a Criminal Misdemeanor?

Crimes such as public drunkenness, vandalism, drug possession, shoplifting, trespassing, and petty theft are classified as criminal misdemeanor. Unlike felony charges, criminal misdemeanor is considered to be less serious with less serious punishments as well. Usually, those people guilty of this crime are put into jail for a year or less or are only asked to pay certain fines.

There are also circumstances that crimes such as assaults or similar ones are considered misdemeanor. However, also being taken into consideration is the extent of injury suffered by the victim. If the injuries can be easily treated, then this makes the crime committed to be just a misdemeanor.

Criminal misdemeanor is divided into three categories which vary depending on the punishment to be given, the crime done and the extent of damage it caused the victim or victims involved. In courts and hearings that involve this type of crime, the prosecutor and the defendant often just end up making deals and arrangements such as setting a certain amount as fines agreeable to the victim. In some cases, attorneys reduce the punishment to simple community service and probations.

Although this kind of crime is considered to be something manageable or less serious, it still has certain effects to people specifically to the person who committed the crime. These adverse effects could include bad records which could hinder the person from renting out or owning an apartment and most especially, getting a job. Any criminal record often gains a negative response from companies and other organizations.

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