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What Is the Cuboid Bone?

The cuboid bone is one the many bones of the foot. The cuboid bones of animals were used as the first disc in history. This was because whenever the cuboid bone, also referred to as knucklebone, was rolled it would clearly settle on one of its sides, by adding unique marking on each side today’s dice is approximated.

The cuboid bone is located at the joining of the ankle and the foot. Proximally connected to the calcaneous bone, making the calcaneocuboid joint. Distally connected to the fifth and forth metatarsals, those are the long bones that connect to the toes. The cuboid bone plays a big part in the balance of a person. Specifically tasked to stabilize the outer portions of each foot. Hence allowing a person to achieve the mechanical wonder of walk up right, technically termed as a bipedal locomotion.

Like all bones the cuboid bone may break when over used, this usually leads to over twisting because of quick changes in direction accompanied by intensive force or limit breaking extensive pressure because of over use. It would be difficult for a medical practitioner to detect such a fracture on a regular x-ray because of the position of the cuboid bone, thus if fracturing of the cuboid bone is suspect an MRI or other more sophisticated medical imaging should be employed to be able to out an injury to the cuboid bone with a high level of confidence. Consult with a medical professional, preferably a podiatrist, foot doctor, when your feet are injured.

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