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What Is a Daddy’s Girl?

A daddy’s girl connotes different meanings. One of which refers to the daughter that is much more closer to the father than to the mother for the reason that the father has always been very protective of his daughter in almost all ways. A daddy’s girl can be interpreted in both negative and positive way. Positively, daddy’s girl can refer to the care, warmth and the protection that the daughter receives from the father. Often, this can mean that the daughter has experienced all the comfort a father can offer giving the daughter a sense of confidence that no matter what happens, the father is there for her to support and care. In other words, the daughter is like having a princess treatment from the father.

On the other hand, a daddy’s girl can also be interpreted the other way. It can mean a control of a daughter’s life including relationship, believing that no other guy is better than the daddy. It can also lead a child to one that is spoiled or brat knowing that the father will give her whatever she wants even if the daughter may not ask for it. Analyzing the concept of Daddy’s girl using the psychoanalysis method that Freud has developed, the tendency of the daughter to be close to the father and eventually exhibit hostility to her mother was explained using the Oedipus complex concept. At times, the daughter lost interest with boys thinking that they have also like what their father likes or in some, daddy’s girl thinks that the only best person in the world is her father and she has to please him always.

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