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What Is Data Entry?

Data entry describes the act of transcribing data that is present in one form into another form, which is usually a computer program. There are many kinds of data that can be transcribed, among them, information that is on spreadsheets, handwritten documents, number, letter, and symbol sequences that are built into a program, or even simple data entries like names, addresses, and other contact details. There are jobs where people exclusively enter data. But there are also some jobs where a person may be required to enter data at some point.

Data entry is an indispensable need because of our need to collect data and present it in a neat and orderly manner. Skilled typists, especially those that can do 10-key typing, are often the best qualified people to assume data entry jobs. But there are still a lot of people who, even though are not good typists, still need to input data because their jobs require them to do so.

People who have data entry jobs and work exclusively on data entry projects are usually those with really exceptional typing skills. These are people who are easily able to read off typewritten or longhand documents and type them accurately. In programming, accuracy is important. A wrong letter, number of symbol can result in an entire command function in a program malfunctioning. Additionally, documentation that needs to be published or printed will be seen as erroneous if it has typographical errors. These mistakes are quite embarrassing. That’s why data entry experts are known for their accuracy, focus and concentration.

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