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What Is Debarking a Dog?

Debarking a dog refers to a veterinary surgical procedure where the veterinarian will remove tissue from a dogs vocal chords. This procedure is done in order to make a dog’s bark or “voice” become quieter. Contrary to word “debarking”, the procedure does not stop the dog from barking. But the result is that the dog’s bark becomes so quiet it can be described as a whisper, which makes for a quieter home and less of an irritant to neighbors especially if the owner’s dog is a habitual barker.

Debarking dogs is considered a controversial issue. There are some people who believe that forcing an animal to undergo an unnecessary surgery is wrong. There is also a belief that the surgery will leave the dog emotionally damaged because of the loss of his voice. The argument is that with proper training, most dogs – even those that belong to breeds that are considered to be habitual barkers – can be taught to bark less often. These people think that debarking is a lazy method of trying to get a dog to become more quiet, not to mention cruel to the pet.

Debarking supporters, on the other hand, say that the procedure helps saves the lives of many dogs that may otherwise be brought to the pound because of their habitual barking. Many people get dog who, they realize too late, barks so frequently that they get in conflict with their neighbors who have to endure the dog’s barking all day and night.

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