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What Is a DECT Phone?

DECT phones, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology phones, are a type cordless phone that can be employed in talking around a home. The early technology used in cordless phone models produced years ago were characterized by poor or mediocre sound quality. With the advent of digital technology, the sound produced by DECT phones are now so clear it can be compared to the quality of cabled phones.

DECT phones usually have a base station and often a single handset. There are certain DECT phone models that have a provision for additional handsets that can be added to the base station. This will allow the possibility of having additional cordless phones located in different areas of the house. This level of expandability is ideal for a home office or if a person lives in a house that has many rooms. The clear reception also allows for the DECT phone to be taken outside, for example, in a garden.
The effective range of DECT phone handset is dependent on the phone itself. Of course, the purpose of a cordless phone is to be able to walk around freed from the limitations of a cord. A cordless phone usually has an effective range of 300 meters but with digital technology that range is now expanding.

A great advantage of a DECT phone is the ability to talk to another person in the house using the phones themselves. This is akin to using a walkie talkie. The battery life of the phones will depend on the model of the phone itself, with expensive models allowing for talk times of up to eight hours.

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