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What Is a Defamation Lawsuit?

A defamation lawsuit is a case filed against a person who has made false accusations against another individual. However, this is not limited to persons alone because it can also cover businesses, groups, governments and countries.

Defamation is the act of maligning a person’s identity without factual basis. This is also known as slander or libel when the harsh accusations are published in a newspaper of local or national publication, on the internet, in CDs and DVDs, film or broadcast on radio or TV. As a result of this act, a negative image is projected against a person, company, group, product, government or country. The act, in order to be considered defamatory, should be known to other people as well other than the person to whom the defamatory statements were directed.

Specifically, slander is a defamatory verbal statement or report, malicious in nature and not based on actual facts. Libel, on the other hand, covers written statements including images. There is also the so-called “per se” defamation which covers attacks on an individual’s professional status, allegations that a person who is single is unchaste or not modest, allegations that a person has a sexually transmitted disease and allegations that a person has done an immoral crime.

People who feel they were harmed emotionally by false accusations have the right to file a defamation lawsuit. They can seek damages from the person or group that caused them to suffer emotionally and mentally.

When found guilty, the person who made the false statements can be sentenced to jail terms. However, out of court settlement can also be done with victims normally asking the guilty party to make a public apology.

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